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Bongo Swaggz Media is business entity that was established to undertake IT projects and related products & services for clients across various industries. Our software have provided cutting edge impact in areas like health, online marketing, financial institutions, learning institutions i.e. schools & colleges, accounting, sales, freight systems, customer care/call center services, mobile money gateway systems and much more.

We take pride in our ability to create reliable and highly advanced products; our brain-heads and dedicated professionals in various relating fields; our clients who are the reason behind our innovations; and our partners for well established business relations.

As of now, it is relatively safe to say that Information Communication Technology, directly and indirectly, is the cup of tea for every person and every business. It is a vital tool that transcends through multiple aspects of our lives. This being the reason, there is a necessity to fulfill the high demands of people and their rising expectations in this dynamic world.
We have dedicated our expertise, skills and resources in innovatively coming up with breakthrough, modern and advanced ICT solutions that significantly improve the quality of lives for many people, and the mode of conducting businesses across Tanzania.

Our mission is to provide a range of integrated ICT services at the foot of your door by a team you can trust.